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Articles and Speeches on Nehru

Personification of our hopesShri Govind Ballabh Pant, 25th August, 1949
Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru is sixty. And yet the mind refuses to accept the fact; this idol of the country’s youth has always been honoured as young himself. This living image of energy and activity has made a deep impression on the youths of India having given the best years of his life to the cause of the country’s freedom, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru has become its symbol. With the attainment of freedom the reins of Government have fallen to his hands. The young rebel of yesterday has to-day become the crown jewel of India and the country’s first Prime Minister. The ability, patience and deep humanity with which he has guided India’s ship of State through such stormy seas have received high praise even from foreigners. By his brilliant statesmanship he has given a new dignity to the high office he holds. He is an embodiment of the ideals of world brotherhood, tolerance, truth and justice.

It is my good fortune to be Jawaharlal ji’s colleague for many years. We were together in jail more than once. The more I have known him, the deeper my affection and admiration for him has grown. The nearer one comes to his stupendous personality the more deeply is one impressed by his greatness. His vast learning, indomitable courage, high devotion to duty, unparalleled sacrifice, abounding energy and sober statesmanship are well known and universally respected. But the quality that endears him to me more than his learning is his large-heartedness. Such sensitiveness as his comprising tolerance and kindness, is a quality rarely seen. Those who have seen him in temper on the public stage can hardly conceive of the innate humility and deep human sympathy he possesses.

Jawaharlal is artistic by nature. This is seen in every feature, from the most insignificant gestures to the most important and considered actions. He believes in doing everything gracefully and whole-heartedly; that is for him a criterion of right action. He is not satisfied with using the noblest means only for the highest ends. He aspires for perfection in everything, from cleanliness in the house to the most important tasks of the nation and society, and always lays the greatest emphasis on purity and sincerity. Those who have worked with him know very well how ready Jawaharlal ji is to see the other man’s point of view. Even in the most critical situation he does not for a moment compromise with ideals and always acts with courage that amazes his followers.

Jawaharlal’s genius has many facets. His writings hold a high place in the world’s literature. His study of modern philosophy is profound and extensive. His acquaintance with world affairs is his understanding of world affairs. Even in the midst of his pre-occupations he keeps himself well posted with the latest developments in modern science. Art, literature and poetry are not neglected. Though in the midst of vast problems of high policy, he is still full of energy and irrepressible willfulness of spirit, as he was in younger years. Yogic exercises and riding, mountaineering, swimming, skating and skiing are his favourite pastimes and keep him in good health and spirits at sixty. He has a strictly disciplined life, distinguished by the most scrupulous attention to detail.

It is the nation’s great good fortune that it is led by Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. He is the personification of our hopes and aspirations. Today the world knows India because of Nehru. His success is our glory, and his strength our greatness. May he live long, to strive for the peace of the world and the prosperity of India.