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Articles and Speeches on Nehru

Two Sonnets to Jawaharlal Nehru Shri Harindranath Chattopadhyaya
The ship of State ploughs stubbornly and plods
Across the darkling waters of the times
Which, captained by our Man of vision, climbs
The boisterous ocean, buffeting dark odds
Of self-intoxicate waters…. Ever since
He gripped the helm, the unsteady compass – point
Grows steady; for ‘his form and cause conjoint”
Acclaim him of high leadership a prince.

With tolerance and ever-wakeful care
He toils at a whole nation’s destiny
Moulding his life into a constant prayer
That Indian freedom may be truly free
Aiding the ship through thunder-thud and roar
And lightning threat, safely to reach the shore.

He is a lighthouse with illumined eye
Lighting the entire horizon darkening round,
While lo! On every side of him resound
Death-dealing tempests, threatening land and sky;
His is a splendor that can never die
Being born of wisdoms, quiet and profound,
With which his never-ageing brow is crowned,
At every turn proving the dark a lie!
We hail you, noble Lighthouse! On this day
When all the nation’s eyes are turned to you
Trusting that you will rescue, ray by ray,
The floundering ship of life, and bring it through
Safely at last, despite black storms that rave
With challenging menace of wild wind and wave.