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About the conference

The Indian National Congress had organised a conference to commemorate Jawaharlal Nehru’s 125th Birth Anniversary. It was a moment in India’s political history where it was appropriate to revisit Nehru to understand the human being and international statesman. The contemporary challenges facing India and the world requires a deeper understanding of Nehru and his times. That is why it was considered opportune to use the occasion of his 125th Birth Anniversary to contextualise his world view in the light of today’s complex domestic and external challenges.

Nehru’s views on secularism, democracy, inclusive development, empowerment, education and peaceful co-existence continue to be relevant today. This conference provided a platform for revisiting Nehru’s ideology and legacy in the context of the contemporary global challenges.

The Indian National Congress had invited eminent leaders, Nobel laureates, thinkers, philosophers, representative leadership delegations of major political parties and civil society organisations working for peace and development. The Conference discussed Nehru’s views on social inclusion and democratic empowerment in India and in the contemporary global order. The Conference concluded with the adoption of a Conference Declaration which captured the essence of the deliberations and convey a message of global import.